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Loan Rates

The Credit Union offers many loans to its members at competitive interest rates. Below is a listing of what the interest rates are for each loan type. To apply for a loan, contact a Credit Union Loan Officer, or apply online. Rates are subject to change without notice


Loan Type Term APR*
New Autos, Motorcycles
Up to 72 months As low as 1.95%
New Autos, Motorcycles
73 to 84 months

As low as 2.95%

Used Autos, Motorcycles

New RVs, Boats

Used RVs, Boats

Up to 84 months

Up to 180 months

Up to 180 months

As low as 2.99%

As low as 3.25%

As low as 3.99%

Personal Loan

Up to 60 months

As low as 8.99%

Home Equity Loan
Up to 120 months As low as 3.99%
Home Equity Loan
121 to 240 months

As low as 4.99%

Home Equity LOC*

Personal LOC*

Visa Credit Card

As low as 4.75%

As low as 10.24%

As low as 9.90%

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates vary according to credit history and may
change without notice. Line of Credit (LOC) is a variable rate and may change quarterly.


For First Mortgage Loan Rates Click Here or Call Us at (503) 771-2464.

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Loan Application



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