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Free Checking with Direct Deposit

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Yes, a free checking account without any hidden fees is here! Simply have your paycheck, Social Security check or other recurring deposit conveniently and securely directly deposited into your account and you won’t have to worry about a minimum balance or monthly service charge.  Without direct deposit there is $4 monthly service fee for the checking account, unless you maintain a $1,200 minimum balance are age 55 or greater.

Our checking account also comes with a Visa Debit Card, FREE Online Banking, FREE Bill Pay and Overdraft Protection.

Overdraft Protection Plans:

Your regular membership savings account will automatically transfer funds to your checking account in order to cover overdrafts, without a fee, if additional funds beyond the required $15 balance is available in the savings account.  Other overdraft options are available for you to set up based on your preferences.  If you request, we can tie your money market account or secondary savings account to your checking to transfer funds if your checking account balance is insufficient to cover purchases/withdrawals.  In addition, you can set up a line of credit loan tied to your checking account to cover overdrafts--APPLY NOW.

How Items Clear Your Account:

Debit Card Items – are online and clear in the order they are received depending on when the item is processed and sent by the merchant.

ACH Credit Items – ACH credit items (other than payroll deposits) are online and clear the account throughout the day as they are received.

Back Office Cycle – remaining items are credited to your account or deducted from your account during our nightly back office cycle in the following order:

  1. Payroll Credits/Payroll Deductions

  2. ACH Items (Automated Clearing House)

  3. Loan Drafts (Line of Credit Checks)

  4. Share Drafts (Checks)

Protect Yourself from Overdrafts With Courtesy Pay

Protect yourself from overdrafts with Courtesy Pay.  Why worry about the embarrassment, hassle and extra expense involved with overdrawing your checking account? On the occasion that you accidentally overdraw your checking account, we'll protect your credit and save you money in overdraft fees.

A Castparts Credit Union Checking Account with Courtesy Pay includes overdraft protection to cover overdrafts to your account up to $400*. Call us for more information on this added benefit at (503) 771-2464.

* Individual Limit may vary; Courtesy Pay fee applies.


Business Checking

A business account that is simple and affordable! Write your first 50 checks a month for free, after that it’s only $0.04 per check.

Contact us today to see how much more we give you and what we can save you over a ‘traditional’ bank business checking account.


Reorder Checks

When it’s time to reorder checks, simply visit Liberty’s website and order them securely online. You can pick the style and format you want.


Reorder Checks from Liberty

Lost or Stolen Visa Debit Card, after business hours, please call: 1.800.472.3272 (debit card)

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