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Balance® Program

We realize no one is perfect. We've all had bumps in the road. Let's face it, change is inevitable. As your credit union, we're committed to helping you through your life, even the rough times.

Are you experiencing any of the warning signs of financial distress?


  • Using savings to pay daily expenses
  • You've been denied credit
  • Monthly expenses exceed income
  • Paying only the minimum payments or less each month
  • Late with rent, mortgage or utility payments
  • Collection calls at home or work
  • Worry about heading for bankruptcy
  • Are you overspending, have a reduced income, unemployed, going through a separation or divorce? If your financial situation has become stressful, contact our friends at Balance.


Visit the Personal Finance Education Center for tips on a variety of money management topics.  There are worksheets and a quiz for each topic to test your understanding of the material.

Balance® is a nonprofit credit counseling agency, committed to helping individuals and families establish sound financial security and well-being through confidential and personalized service. Each of their Financial Specialists is a certified credit counselor through the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), the nation's most trusted credit counseling organization

Balance® can help you:
Over the phone: 888-456-2227 (toll-free)
On the internet: www.balancepro.org

Balance® can help with understanding and analyzing your personal credit report, strategies to improve your credit score, even debt management. They can also help you prepare for bankruptcy by exploring options and required steps.

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