Visa Alerts


Visa Alerts Are Now Available and Free For Members

Now you can keep tabs on your account anytime, anywhere. Alerts powered by Visa help you reduce fraud and monitor your spending. This is a free service for Castparts Employees Federal Credit Union cardholders.

Visa Alerts

To sign up go to

Once you sign up, you will receive a test message or email shortly after your card has been used. You customize what alerts you'd like to receive, such as:

  • Purchases greater than a specific dollar amount
  • Purchases online, over the phone, or through the mail
  • Cash withdrawals at an ATM
  • Used outside of the United States

You will be notified of the purchase amount, the merchant's name (if available), and the last four digits of the card number used. Gain peace of mind when you receive near real-time updates on your Visa card activity. Sign up today!