Youth Accounts

Teach Children to Save


Kirby Kangaroo Kids Club

For our youngest members ages birth - 12, our Kirby Kangaroo Kids Club makes saving and learning about money fun.

When your child or grandchild becomes a Kirby Kangaroo member, they’ll receive a special newsletter and they’ll have access to an interactive website filled with games, stories, jokes and more.

Give your kids a head start with their money management skills so children can see their money grow quickly and develop good financial habits early. Our Kirby Kangaroo members receive one Kirby buck for every $5 they deposit. Kirby bucks can be saved and used to purchase Kirby merchandise at the credit union.


CU Succeed

Having a teenager in the house is hard enough. Make it easier on you by having them open an account with us.

We’ll give them financial information on a variety of topics that matter to them. They’ll receive a quarterly newsletter filled with tips and strategies to make their money go farther as well as access to a financial website designed specifically for them. Plus, once they open an account, they’ll have the opportunity to receive one of our yearly $1,000 scholarships.

Youth Share Certificates

Teach your teen the eighth wonder of the world - compounding interest. Have them open a Youth Share Certificate with a minimum of $500. They can choose their term from 6 – 36 months.

Youth Checking Account

When your kids become teenagers it’s a great time to teach them how to manage a checking account. When you feel your teenager is ready for this important milestone, we’ll open a checking account for them. We'll even issue them a Visa debit card and give them access to manage their accounts online and through their mobile device.